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Quick Curtains

Those of you who know me know I'm all about convenience and thrift. Anything I can make quick and cheap makes my A-list, so you can imagine my excitement when I got the idea for these curtains.

Now, let me just say up front, I didn't need curtains for my bedroom. I have three windows in my bedroom and already had three pairs of heavy, grommet-top floor-length drapes I got at Ikea last year. I liked them when I bought them, but I have a short attention span and two cats who embrace their feline style with abandon. Which means, if there are windows around, they want to be in them. I'm not sure if it's curiosity or vanity, but windows are like catnip to them. Unfortunately, my old Ikea curtains prohibited easy access to their window fetish because they were long and heavy and hard to open, which meant the cats abused them to get to the windows. Thus, they were scratched in places and covered with cat hair. I needed something different.

My original idea involved white muslin since it lends itself to that airy look I was going for, but when I got to Hancock fabric, there was no white or off-white muslin to be found. So I found this kind of stripey, glossy-threaded fabric in a 60-inch width on the dollar table and bought five yards. Then I brought it home, folded it into six equal pieces, and cut it. No hemming or sewing involved here. If the ends unraveled, so what?

I had thought about using those clip-on metal hooks to hang them, but they're expensive (like $12 for a package of eight, which, when multiplied by three didn't fit into my definition of thrifty), so forget that. What I did have was a huge knot of large safety pins, courtesy of my mother, who collected everything you can think of and being her daughter, I dutifully inherited her stuff and carried on her tradition.

I found a roll of faded white grosgrain ribbon in the bottom of my sewing box and cut it into strips, then pinned them to the top of the curtains for tabs.

Now, for about $5.00 and a few minutes of my time, I have carefree light, cat-friendly curtains that come just to the bottom of the window sills so the cats can push them aside and reach the window. Sure they're going to unravel over time, but who cares for that price? You can't get much more shabby chic than that.

Lightweight, quick, and thrifty curtains

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