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Steampunk is Nothing New (pun intended)

I've been in a steampunk mood since I snagged this cute little steampunkish fan at a garage sale yesterday for $1.00.

Garage sale score - $1.00 and it works!

 Everyone loves steampunk these days. For me the fascination started with the old Wild Wild West TV series and Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and more recently Syfy's Warehouse 13, but there's something inherently cool about recycling old, discarded stuff into new industrial-type items. Add that to my love of anything copper, bronze, galvanized (i.e., pipe), and old fixtures like clocks and gauges, and it's a miracle it's taken me this long to craft something.

I've played around with steampunk jewelry, collecting old watch parts and using polymer clay and copper and bronze wire to create earrings and bracelets, but what I really want to make is lights. Especially when I see things like this on Pinterest:

These might be a tad ambitious for first time projects, but something like this sweet little lamp is totally doable. I used to have a whole box of those old turquoise regulators but I used them to border a succulent bed at one of my former houses and left them behind (like an idiot). Considering I found them at a junk store in Tennessee for $1.00 each and they cost at least ten times that now, if you can find them, it was a bone-headed move, but then I've gotten rid of more regrettable stuff in the name of moving than I care to recall right now.

Don't be surprised if you see something like this show up on NidoBeato soon.

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