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Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirror when I bought it

Last week during my Saturday morning garage sale haunt, I came across this sweet little sunburst mirror, paying a whopping $3.00 for it after a little haggling. It's about 14 inches round and made of pretty hefty gold resin-type material. It's got a couple of nicks in it, but that just added to the character. I liked the mirror but hated the color, so I decided to change it.

Since my bedroom runs more to the aqua/turquoise side with silvery accents, the gold just wasn't cutting it. From my furniture and faux finishing days, I know whenever you want to paint something silver, you need to start with a black background (just like when painting something gold, start with a red background).

So I grabbed some supplies from my craft room and went to work. I took it all outside because it was a beautiful day (yes, I'll rub it in that it's December 7th and a balmy 82 degrees here in Tampa today).

Supplies included black and Dazzling Metallics Dark Patina paints, Howard's Feed-N-Wax, and silver Rub'n Buff wax
First I painted the whole mirror black. I just painted on one coat and pretty much slapped it on at that, making sure I got paint down in all the little crevices of the design. After that dried (which didn't take long) I drybrushed a coat of Dazzling Metallics Dark Patina, which is kind of a pewtery greenish-bluish color. I worked with as dry a brush as possible so coverage was intentionally spotty and streaky, like real aged metal.

I finished up with a coat of Howard's Feed-N-Wax then dabbed on the tiniest bit of silver Rub 'n Buff ( a little of this goes a long way, so use sparingly). I buffed the whole thing out to a satiny shine and hung it back in my room. I love the new look.

Finished mirror

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