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#HGTV Should Rename Themselves the Real Estate Channel

I really don't want to use this blog for ranting, but at this point I'll try anything that works. I used to LOVE HGTV. My TV stayed on that channel day and night. It was like MTV for DIYers. And then along came the DIY Network, and it was twice as good. Lots of programming about decorating, gardening, crafts, home design, etc.

HGTV should change their name to The Real Estate Channel

Now, with the exception of Rehab Addict (a bright spot in a dark universe only because of Nicole Curtis) the programming on both networks, in a word, sucks. HGTV shows nothing but rude, whiny spoiled brats buying and selling real estate. And with the exception of the afore-mentioned Rehab Addict, DIY is mainly shows about other people coming in and "crashing" your house or salvaging their own junk. What happened to shows about how you can do stuff for yourself, which is WHAT YOUR NAME IMPLIES?

And the worst part is, loyal viewers have been complaining to the network for over a year and there has been no response. Has the real estate industry bought this network, and if so, why don't they just fess up and drop the pretense that it's about Home and Garden?

Where are all the designers - David, Candace, Genevieve, Vern, Sarah, etc? Where are the crafting and thrifty design shows that used to be on during the day? Even shows like Extreme Homes, when shown, are about Architectural Digest candidates rather than average people doing eccentric things to their homes. I have old DVD recordings of shows seven to eight years ago and the programming was amazing. Days and nights filled with ideas. Now...I only tune in to watch Nicole.

Hopefully if enough people read this post and re-post the image above, the network might take notice. Then again, at the rate reality TV is ruining TV, I doubt it.

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