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New House on the way...means new projects

I have been absent of late because I've been pulled in three directions at once. 1. Trying to make enough crafty things to sell on Etsy so I can eat next month. 2. Trying to find some kind of paying gig for the same reason as 1 and stressing out because that hasn't happened. 3. Looking for a house to buy.

Yeah, I know, you're saying, why would you be looking for a house when you don't have any steady income? Good question. The problem is, my lease is up this summer and I can't afford to stay here and I'm sick of moving so I only want to do it once and then get buried in that house.

The stuff of dreams, I know. I would love nothing more than to find another old bungalow to tear apart and rebuild, but they don't give those away. So I've decided I'm going to buy an older mobile home and turn it into a bungalow.

I have retirement fund money for that. That's why I saved it. So for the last few weeks I've been looking. Thought I had a place picked out in the perfect location near where I'm currently living, but then when I went to talk to the owners of the park, they turned out to be overbearing snobbish Nazis. Even if I could have managed to get past that, I would have no doubt, as my son so helpfully pointed out, ended up getting myself thrown out the first time they stuck their nose in my business. I'm firmly of the "it's my place so leave me alone" persuasion.

So I thought I would look for something that was on its own land. Yeah, with my budget, that just turned into a horror movie. After three trips down dirt roads to look at homes with holes in the roof, animals feces inside, and mold covering the walls, I threw in the towel on that idea.

And then I stumbled across the cutest little place ever. It's like a dollhouse, and it's ON THE WATER! OMG! I have always wanted to live on the water. This isn't big water--not like the ocean or a big lake. Just a canal off a little river, but it's still WATER! check it out.

Backyard view of canal
How's that for a view out of your bedroom window? And the best part is, all that work I was willing to do (rewiring, replacing subfloors, floors, windows, drywall, etc.) has already been done. And done well. Naturally, it's not EXACTLY like I would have done it. For one thing, the kitchen would have to be changed, as well as the hall bathroom, but it doesn't have to happen right away.

Kitchen definitely needs an update

This would be the first house I have ever bought in my entire life that was habitable from the day I closed on it. Most are disaster areas (because that's always been my budget) that take years of construction, headaches, gray hair, and money to turn into actual homes. And check out the sweet little back patio overlooking that canal.

Back patio. Can you say tiki bar?

I can't wait to get in and start on this project. Naturally, I can't actually move in until summer since I have a lease that I can't break (grr!), but I can start making it mine as soon as the papers are signed this week. Sweet!

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Westlake Drive!

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