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Pearls & Coral - a new Crystal Creation

I've been a little busy lately with a writing assignment and getting my ducks in a row in preparation for taking possession of my new house, but I have managed to squeeze in some creative work for my Crystal Creations line. My latest creation was a piece for my sister-in-law, Fran. She wanted a little light for her bathroom using one of the Ikea lanterns with pearls and coral. It took me a couple of weeks to come up with a design and to find enough coral colored beads. Believe it or not, orange is a hard color to come by in bead world. I managed to find a couple of strands of coral beads in the clearance isle at Michael's, and after sifting through my ever-growing bead stash, came up with various orange and coral-like pieces that would work. While I like to stick with glass or stone in my beadwork, I had to settle for using some acrylic and plastic beads this time. I call the finished product Pearls & Coral, appropriately enough.

Pearls & Coral lantern lit up. I love the shadows these lanterns cast.
I spray painted the lantern and chain with a Rustoleum Metallic paint in Pearl Mist. The cap looked like a pearly white, but the actual color came out more silvery (though not as much as the pictures would indicate). And because I can never leave well enough alone, I used silver puff paint to add some more detail, then glued a strand of pearls around the middle.

lantern detail

At first I laid out all the drops the same - 24 total, using some rhinestone spacers between the pearls. But once I started assembling it, it looked, well...plain. There just wasn't enough bling going on, and a girl needs bling in her bathroom, right? So I extended the drops and doubled the amount, adding 12 with teardrop chandelier crystals and 12 with some plastic oval beads I had. Now it was looking better.

Pearls & Coral lantern detail (light on)

Pearls & Coral lantern detail (light off)

A funny thing occurred to me as I was getting ready to assemble the light. The drops reminded me of earrings, so I thought, why not hang them with earring wires instead of spending a couple of hours making wires myself? I have bags of earring wires of all colors in my jewelry-making stash. It made life so much easier. I think the light came out really cute and Fran loves it.
Pearls & Coral lantern (lights off)

Pearls & Coral lantern at night

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