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Adventures in Renovating - Electric Avenue

Tuesday was electric day at the new house. It took all day, but Tom and Dave at Guarantee Electric finally got the main breaker box moved, relocated two bedroom outlets, and ran a new line for my refrigerator.

The job turned out to be more involved than they thought, which meant I got a bargain on the price. I've been on the underbidding side way too many times in my own business, so I guess the Universe was looking out for me yesterday because Tom confessed to me they should have charged me twice what they did for this job. Oh well, live and learn.
Everything torn out waiting for new box and wiring

Putting in a new box meant shutting off the power all day, which isn't fun in 90 degree heat. It also reminded me how much we depend on electricity to do the smallest tasks. I couldn't do much all day but watch them work, though I did manage to clean up a few small things I've been neglecting. Like removing the cabinet doors in the kitchen in preparation for demo.

Things are moving along in the kitchen
I also started attacking that huge stack of drywall I finally got moved inside thanks to my son Anthony's help on Mother's Day.

Drywall stacked in the livingroom waiting for me to get to work
Here's how the bedrooms look now.

Guest bedroom with wall framed out awaiting drywall

I started tearing out the weird hotel sink in the master bedroom. Love the bare wire hanging out of the wall with no junction box in sight.

Master bedroom side of the wall

Got one sheet of drywall up to cover the black hole in the wall.

I'm heading back over today to work on framing out that old pantry area and moving the fridge into its new home.

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