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Adventures in Renovating - Stage One Destruction Complete

I'm now just over one week into the new house renovation and have completed the first stage of destruction (read about the BEFORE state here). For those of you who have never lived through a whole house renovation, this is a little of what you can expect.

Diningroom full of destruction debris. Notice the cool wicker desk and chair I scored on Craigslist the other day
It took most of the weekend to rip out the old carpeting in the bedrooms and hallway and tear down the old pantry and leprechaun/linen closet. Halfway through that, this is how it looked.

Leprechaun/linen closet and end cabinet destruction started. Yes, that is a lawn chair and the crappy bed from the spare bedroom I still haven't had a chance to haul off to the dump.

Leprechaun/linen closet --removed walls and doors

The old pantry is history

The doors pulled off the end cabinet
Tuesday was a day of frustration. Lowe's called me on Monday night to let me know my bedroom flooring was in. Then Home Depot called to let me know they would be delivering the drywall between noon and 7 on Tuesday. So I got up early on Tuesday and headed out on the 45 minute drive to the house, figuring I'd stop by Lowe's to pick up the flooring on my way and get to the house in plenty of time for the Home Depot delivery. Unfortunately, when I got to Lowe's, they couldn't find my flooring in Receiving. While I was waiting for that, the driver from Home Depot called me to say he was in my neighborhood so he was making my delivery early (like two hours early). I told him I was in the middle of something and could maybe be there in 30 minutes (providing Lowe's found my flooring and got it loaded in the next 10 minutes). He said he'd try to wait but if he had to leave and come back there would be an additional charge. You're kidding, right? Like it's my fault he's early?

Which leads me to ask--whatever happened to customer service? When I ordered this stuff over the weekend I asked for afternoon delivery. They confirmed afternoon delivery-which, by the way, they charged me $79 for. And the only reason I opted to have them deliver rather than renting one of their trucks and doing it myself was so I wouldn't have the dig up help to schlep 14 sheets of drywall, two sheets of plywood, and 20 2x4s into the house.

So I tell the girl at Lowe's to keep looking for my flooring while I rush back to the house. I made it there in 20 minutes to find the driver dumping the pallet in my driveway. When I asked him to bring it inside, he said $79 only covers curbside delivery. Really? What the hell am I supposed to do now? What if it rains? What if someone decides to help themselves to my supplies? His answer was a dumb shrug. Thanks for nothing.

To add to my joy, the garbage men decided that even though I had meticulously bound and wrapped all the carpeting and debris in three-foot long sections the way they liked, they couldn't be bothered to pick it up. They did however throw it all over the front lawn, prompting the HOA to leave me a nice love letter about cleaning it up. Which prompts my next question--if you can pick it up to throw it around, why can't you put it in the truck?

So I picked everything up, shoved as much into my truck as I could fit and stacked the rest in the carport then ran the load up to the dump. On my way back, I stopped by Lowe's to see if they've found my flooring. They say they have, but it still takes another 45 minutes to bring it up front. Then when they do, the T-molding isn't there, so they have to go back and take another 20 minutes looking for that.

By now it's 90 degrees out and I'm hot, tired, and frustrated. I figure I'll run back to the house and unload the truck then go grab a late lunch. But on the way there the electrician calls and says he's on his way to the house to give me an estimate on moving the electrical box. Fine, let's get this out of the way.

He spends 30 minutes looking over what I need, then says he's going back to the office to work out some numbers. I just finish unloading the flooring from the truck when I get a call from the electrician's boss saying he wasn't comfortable making the estimate so the boss is coming out the next morning. Great, that means not only do I have to come back the next day--which I wasn't planning to do--but I have to be there early.

Okay, by now it's after 3:00 and rather than go grab a sandwich I decide to start tearing out the wall between the kitchen and livingroom. I turn off the circuits and disconnect the power outlets in the wall and yank the first piece of paneling off and then the real fun begins. Roachageddon.

Apparently every roach in Florida was nesting in that wall and they were pissed about being disturbed. Those of you who know what a palmetto bug is can testify that those suckers are big enough to ride. And they fly. And there were dozens of them. It was like a freaking horror movie. I'm scrambling around looking for something to kill them with and grab the first thing I see-the shop vac. I fire it up and play Ghostbusters for the next ten minutes, vacuuming up everything that crawls or flies, along with the three inches of roach poop and eggs in the wall, then run the vac outside and dump it.

By now I've got a serious case of the heebie jeebies. I don't have any bug spray, but there is a bottle of 409 I bought for cleaning, so I spray down the wall then duct tape the thing closed, lock up the house, and leave. That finished me for the day. I needed a 20-minute shower to wash away the creep factor. I did stop on the way home and pick up some bug spray and four tubes of caulk.

I got the wall down the wall down the next day with only a couple of bug mishaps and squirted three tubes of caulk in the cracks. I also finished tearing out the wall between the bedrooms so the electrician could get in there and move the outlets. So here's where I stand now:

Kitchen with the wall down. The room feels so big now

Looking down the hall. I nailed that board down to make sure no more creepy crawlies invade before I can close it up and build the island in that spot.

Looking back toward the livingroom from the bedroom

Master bedroom closet removed

See that wire? Yeah, it has to be moved and I'm not crawling under the house to do it

The new master bedroom closet. Notice the black hole is gone.

The built-in dresser is gone

My lumber stash

I took a couple of days off, but tomorrow the fun resumes.

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