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DayNa Decker scents

Dayna Decker Posy

I put this under Decorating because that's how important scent is to my home. It's a well-known fact that our sense of smell is the most memory-inducing of our senses. The mere whiff of a familiar scent can transport us back in time or remind us of a beloved person. Is it any wonder then, as a Pisces and self-proclaimed sensualist, I am enamored with all things aromatic, especially when it comes to my home?

I have spent small fortunes on oils, incense, candles, perfumes, and resins to scent my home. I nearly always have one or several of them burning, and am constantly searching for new, more exotic fragrances. That is how I came across the Dayna Decker line. To say it was a revelation would be an understatement.

Dayna Decker was a successful Ford model, spending several years traveling the world immersed in fashion, art, and culture. But there was more to her than a pretty face. Born into a family of entrepreneurs from the design and wellness industries, creative expression and business savvy came easily. She followed up her modeling career by mastering the art of perfumery in Grasse, France. Her scents, derived from the essential oils of rare and exotic botanicals sourced from all over the globe, are an alluring, hypnotic, sensual feast for the senses. The Dayna Decker line includes products for both the home and body, and if the quality of her home products are any indication, the body line must be unparalleled. I haven't tried them, but believe me they are on my wishlist.

I first came across the Dayna Decker Home line in Nieman Marcus about three years ago. It was just before Christmas and I was aimlessly wondering the mall, not really looking for anything in particular. It was the first holiday season after losing my mother, and I just felt the need to be around people. The frenzy of the shoppers was like a soothing balm to me, which, if you know me, is completely out of character since I normally hate crowds.

I had been on something of a candle buying kick at the time, experimenting with high end candles in the hopes of finding something that would actually scent my home with something other than a burning wax smell. Most of my buying had been online, and I was so far disappointed with both the quality of the candles I had ordered and the money I had spent for them. I spotted a candle display in Nieman Marcus and thought, "what the hell?"

The saleslady seemed actually glad to talk to someone who wanted information as opposed to yelling at her to hurry up. She told me about the different brands of candles then asked me what I was hoping to accomplish with them. When I told her I just wanted to make my house smell good, she asked, "Have you thought about a diffuser?"

"You mean those bottles of alcohol with sticks that lose their scent the minute you open them?"

Then she picked up a small green bottle with short brown reeds and held it under my nose.

Now let me just preface my reaction by saying I used to own a nursery where I grew rare and antique roses and herbs. Some of those were Damascus roses, which, if you know anything about aromatherapy, is the origin of rose attar. I've stood in the garden on a sunny spring morning and been enveloped with the heady scent of roses and herbs, so when I say I know that scent intimately, I'm not exaggerating.

What wafted to me from that little green bottle was the most amazingly sensual fragrance I have ever smelled outside the garden. Rich floral notes with an underlying vanilla-like muskiness that was almost mouth-watering. And there is no alcohol anywhere to be found--just the full bomb of quality essential oils.

When I asked if she had just opened the bottle, the saleslady informed me they had been using that sampler for three months. I didn't even balk at the $45 price for the 4 oz diffuser kit. This had to come home with me.

The scent I bought was Posy, a delicious melange of hydrangea, calla lily, heliotrope, jasmine, white woods, and clove. That little bottle sat in my bathroom all year until the last of the oil evaporated. Even then, the scent clung to the reeds, as fresh and penetrating as the day I bought it. I wrapped  them in paper and stuck them in my underwear drawer. The following year (at Christmas) I went back and bought the 8 oz diffuser of the same scent. That bottle now has less than an inch of oil in the bottom, and yet two years later, is still scenting my bathroom with the same strength it did when it was new.

I assure you, it's not an overwhelming, hit-you-over-the-head manufactured type of scent, more of a natural, understated, elegance that wafts across your senses at the most unexpected times. Sometimes I catch it when I walk past the bathroom and I have to stop and drink it in. There is really no other way to describe it.

I've since discovered the entire world of Dayna Decker scents, and am anxious to try some of her more exotic offerings like Oud Vetiver, Sandalrose, and Ashiki. If you are like me, and love surrounding yourself with the sensuality of scent, you owe it to yourself to check out Dayna Decker. You can buy a limited number of her home scents at fine retail stores or online at Candledelirium, or you can go straight to her website, Either way, you won't be disappointed.