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Livingroom Reveal (Long Overdue)

I don't even want to think about how long it's been since I posted here. One thing after another has kept me busy, but with the end of the year looming,  I thought it was high time I brought you up to date on the fruits of my rehab/redecorating labors. I did a post on the kitchen remodel a few months back. Now I'll show how the livingroom got to this:

Livingroom, - After

From this:

Livingroom - Before
Livingroom, in process. Everyone needs a folding chair when you're remodeling.

The "Red Wall of Pain"
I had decided to built out a false wall between the livingroom and guest bedroom so I could soundproof behind it, but because the original wall was warped, the drywall wouldn't line up. I suppose I could have torn down the original wall and rebuilt it like I did every other wall in the house, but by that point, I was firmly embracing the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school of thought. After two fruitless days of skimming and sanding the seam, I gave up and covered it with textured wallpaper in an acanthus leaf design. The paint is Sherman Williams Cashmere in Positive Red (SW6871). The antique buffet was a ReStore find for $75.00.

Piecing the two corbels together to fit over the island separating the kitchen and livingroom. The six-foot long, inch-thick corbels were from an old porch and were a Brocante find for $75.00. I had to cut a foot off of each and glue them together
My original design concept has evolved as I live in the house and learn what works and what doesn't, as well as incorporating my latest finds into the mix. Like the huge copper plate I scored at a yard sale for $5.00. You can't tell from the picture, but it's thick, solid copper and very heavy. It had some ugly schmutz in the center where someone had tried to glue something and failed. When I couldn't clean it up, I picked up a six inch round mirror at Michael's and glued it over the mess, then trimmed it out with copper chain and glued little jewels along the rim (because everything is better with jewels, right?).

Copper plate yard sale find
After walking around the house with it for two days trying to figure out where to hang it, I settled on layering it over the large mirror above the bar. Now it looks like the mirror I glued on it is actually a hole in the plate revealing the lower mirror. I kind of like the effect.

The bar itself I bought at a scratch and dent sale at Macy's years ago. It was originally all black and quite banged up (hence the low price), but it's solid wood and after decoupaging the drawers, painting the top and adding a piece of glass and metal drawers, it's become a statement piece. When the mirror (from an antique dresser, a Goodwill score at $10.00) wouldn't fit on top of it, I removed the legs.

Bar top. I layered a pashmani shawl under the glass top after the paint got scratched during the move. I always feel it's the little details that come from adversity that make a house a home

I bought the couch at the Palma Ceia Salvation Army in Tampa last year. I made new back cushions for it, covering them with the fabric from pillow shams I found at Goodwill. The end table was another ReStore purchase for $10.00. I stripped and refinished it, then gold leafed the detail on the legs and trim. The urn lamp I bought at one of my favorite Tampa thrift stores, Sunshine Thrift, for $3.00. The shade ($5.00 at St. Vincent's) doesn't really fit it, but will work until I find something else. The side curtains I made, the ones over the sliding glass door my sister-in-law gave me when she redecorated. Who says things have to match? All my curtain rods are old pipes I dressed up with bronze and copper Rub n' Buff, then hung with assorted corbels I've found at yard sales and thrift stores.

The teak coffee table was one of my greatest yard sale steals ($10.00, can you believe it?). All my chotchkies are yard sale and thrift store finds. Treasures are so much more fun when you happen upon them by accident. Everything I own has a story--and a memory--behind it.

Looking towards the diningroom, which I'll cover in a future post

Can you tell I love trays? Copper, silver, wood--it doesn't matter. And footed trays are my favorite.

The vintage hanging lamp is one of a pair (the other is in my bedroom) that I scored a couple of years ago in a thrift store. After they didn't sell in my Etsy shop, I decided the universe agreed with me that they were too great to part with 
I made the dvd cabinet several years ago, one of my Yummies furniture creations. The framed posters were yard sale finds at $5.00 each.

I love little lamps. I have them all over the house

I turned a dead corner into a little gallery. The bookcase was an old storage shelf I found in the shed when I bought the house. It was falling apart, but I repaired and painted it for my reference library.

My maroon vignette. I love this little spindle table I got at a yard sale a couple of years ago. After draping it with a fringed shawl,  I added a sweet little beaded lamp and a few red glass pieces I've collected.
I guess you might have noticed I like color. I describe my taste as Eclectic Bohemian Gypsy Chic. I don't follow rules when it comes to decorating, I just go with what I like, fitting things in as they come into my possession. The way I see it, just because I choose to live in a mobile home, doesn't mean it has to look like one. Besides, it's the perfect home for a gypsy.

Next up, the diningroom